Confidence Is Found Through Personal Discovery

confidence  At a young age my school teacher realized I wasn’t able to read off the chalk board. She sent a note to my parents and recommended that I have my eyes checked. It was confirmed that I needed to wear glasses to be able to see well.

This was not a popular look for a 8-year-old in those days. Name calling from the other children followed, “4 eyes” became a daily slogan that I heard from them which usually ended my day with tears. I soon found a way for my glasses to become broken so I no longer had to wear them. I decided I would rather not see than be teased.

As I grew older my parents bought me contact lenses which increased my sight and my self-esteem. I was also fortunate to wear braces on my teeth for 3 years to achieve the perfect smile. Through this process I found myself becoming a much happier, confident and attractive person.

I felt I had now improved my physical assets, which also made an emotional and mental change. This created a feeling of personal wholeness that continued as I grew and aged with time.

Through this experience I learned not to judge others for their own definition of personal wholeness. We need to take advantage of the new discoveries and opportunities available to improve our physical, emotional and mental self. We are responsible for our world. These changes can be a process of trial and error with one goal, to reach a state of personal contentment.