How To Manage Your Anger

My Anger Management Course is 10 weeks for only one day a week and extremely helpful for all who need some guidance on managing your anger and stress. Many that attend are ordered by the courts relating to legal charges but it is open to the public as well.  I have had all cultures, genders and professional levels attend this course over the years.

I have found there are several underlying issues with every person that has attended. One of the issues is Change! Change in a relationship, job or career, a location, or health.

Change is one of the most difficult things we do in our world. Change can be filled with uncertainty, fears, and insecurities requiring time for evolution to take place.

Change creates Stress that is a constant in life. Even positive events such as holidays, traveling, marriage, child birth still create stress in our world.

In the Anger Management course we talk and identify different types of coping skills and then evaluate the ones we use automatically. We discuss the variety of options that we feel can be incorporated into our lives.

Here are some of the suggestions for “HOW TO MANAGE ANGER”:

  • Remove yourself from a stressful situation
  • Learn to relax through exercising, music, movies, T.V., baths or cooking
  • Get enough sleep and proper nutrition
  • Be charitable and do something for others
  • Try to think more positive
  • Manage time productively
  • Talk or Cry things out
  • Make life fun and laugh

It is important to stay consistent with issues we feel have been resolved but pop back up again. One of my children has called this experience “Residual Freak-Out”.  As long as we continue to work on these issues that have occurred in our lives this will give us a feeling of power and resolution.

Outlining and setting goals can help us with our process of change. Goals are the blue print to our dreams and desires. They help us stay focused and to remain positive about what is important to us and what we desire most out of life.

Goals keep us going down a good healthy positive path. As you head down that track and you see the light at the end of the tunnel, stay positive in knowing your reward is a calmer brighter future.

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