“This Is Your Year, Just Feel It”

This is your year

I grew up in a large family. My parents had their own business and our home was very busy and active with 7 children. They were both big believers in positive thinking attitudes. They read books and studied about the powers of positive thinking and practiced these behaviors to create self empowered positive thinking.

Each year they taught all of us children what they had learned through their words and actions.  Some of the things I learned from my parents:

“You are what you think, you attract what you think, your life is a product of your thoughts and beliefs”

“Whatever thoughts you hold in your mind will eventually appear in your physical world.”

As we all experience life it can be very difficult and sometimes discouraging for all of us to remain positive. There are things we can control and the things we cannot control which can be the most stressful.

One of the things we do have control over is our attitudes and behaviors, how we see our world and the world around us. Do we choose to take a positive approach or a negative approach to life’s experiences? Only you can make this decision. My mother who is in her 80’s has a favorite positive saying to encourage us children she says:

“This is your year, I just feel it.”

How true this is. It is our year to choose to create positive memories and life experiences. I wish you much happiness in your New Year 2015.

Happy New Year 2015