Are you Suffering from Depression?

Depression conceptual design isolated on white background. Low mood conceptAre you suffering from one or more of these symptoms?

Stress-Fatigue-Sleep Deprivation-Feelings of Hopelessness/Helplessness-Sadness-Loss of interest in activities/hobbies-Anxiety-Appetite Change-Insomnia-Restlesness-Weight loss-Unable to stay focused

If so you may be facing a difficult battle with depression. Depression is more common than we would like to admit,it is important for us to understand as much as possible about it.

If you would like to take a “Am I Depressed” Quiz, we have listed below some of the types of depression as well as a variety of ways to help with coping.

Depression is the physical incapability to perform and function at the level of your normal ability. It is important to visit your Medical Doctor for a physical exam to see if there are any medical issues creating the situation.

Major depression can lead to negative attitudes about life and other people around us but most seriously to personality and mental illness.

2 Types of depression:

Postpartum: Can be very serious for women after giving birth. As the hormonal levels drop this can create major physical factors causing mood swings as well as anxiety.

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder): Occurs in fall and winter months or possibly any cloudy day. The weather doesn’t allow the Suns Gamma Rays to reach us. These rays release the serotonin as well as other feel good chemicals that are in our bodies and helps to regulate hormones and mood.

images (1) Self-help coping mechanisms:

More or possibly less sleep, positive music and movies, exercise of any type releases the bodies endorphins, take time outside to catch the Gamma Rays and breathe in oxygen as well as new smells.

Eat foods that you enjoy! Chocolate is said to release the bodies “feel good” chemicals. Laughter is also quoted to be “medicine to the soul” so watch things that are humorous. Find your sense of humor and laugh at yourself or the small things going on around you.

Counseling can be a positive opportunity allowing us to talk and think in a safe environment.  The magic of talk is that as we hear what we are saying, we soon begin to understand what we are feeling. This can help us to release our anxieties and frustrations or pent-up feelings of guilt or shame.

We all have a responsibility for our own well-being, this is your life you only get out of it what you feel you deserve, know that you deserve the best and work toward discovering your own true joy and happiness.

For Those who are on the journey seeking peace from depression, know there are many who understand and care.  Blessings in Your Journey