Ride the Rainbow of Life

rainbow quoteLife is made up of high hills and low valleys and an occasional rainbow.  It’s making it through the lows in life that help us appreciate the highs!

Life is a journey that includes difficulties, sorrow, pain but also joy, happiness and laughter. If we stay focused on the positives in our journey we can see the colors of the rainbow in our lives.

Meaning of the colors in the rainbow:

Red: Passion, vitality, enthusiasm and security

Orange: Creativity, playfulness and control

Yellow: Wisdom, order and energy

Green: Growth, balance, health and wealth

Blue: Sky, ocean waters and spirituality

Indigo: Mystical, solitary, infinite and self-awareness

Violet: Highest spirituality, imagination and inspiration

rainbow 1There is a mystical, spiritual feeling that comes from viewing and enjoying the amazing colors of a rainbow. No wonder that we follow or gaze at a rainbow until it fades away! The vibrant colors stimulate and touch our senses and soul.

A rainbow is a reminder of the beauties that surround us and touch our lives, it can make us stop what we are doing and stare in wonderment, it can refocus us on what our important priorities are in life.

Pick out the qualities and colors in the rainbow that you believe to represent you and…Ride the Rainbows in Your Life.    Blessings in Your Journey