A time of Thanks and Giving so many people feel down and out. Looking for jobs and places to live a stressful time ….no doubt. We thought this Covid would be over by now, but shut downs are starting again,they say we are being hit harder more people sick and down.

We are being told to shut our worlds down even more. Stay inside maybe not go out doors. how do we feel THANKS in this Heavy and Sad times? We look around us for the small joys that we can find.

Time with loved family and friends. Thinking of the fun together we can do. Supporting one another helping each other make it through. Realizing the things we Own can Come and Go in Life. But people are… most precious… we can care for each other for life.

Sometimes we Give sometimes we Recieve that’s what this Thanks Giving time is to be! Reflect on past Happpiness Pray for Future Bliss. Look around at your Blessings and make a Mental List.

It can Renew Joy,give a Fresh Restart,Sooth and Comfort a worn and Hurting Heart.

Blessings in Your Journey

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