Change Happens

Pin on just saying I like

Allow change to happen. Take a look around see and list all the good that is happening in your world and town. Change can be uncomfortable and difficult even if new positives exists. Don’t push it away relax with it don’t resist.

Fresh eyes and fresh minds a light in front of you. Let all the good guide your life that is anew and in front of you. Let go of fear of the unknown, trust in who you are. Be willing to connect with others near and far. A new beginning let it evolve, let go of what you had in your past, that doesn’t really benefit you… at all.

Like a butterfly in a cocoon breaking free at last. With life unknown and struggling to free its safe past. A cocoon all warm and safe, enclosed from the worries of the world. Out into the world your new wings take you swirling. Flying high and low exploring all you see around,smelling up the fragrance and hearing all the sounds.

Refresh… Renew… it is a time of Change… be willing to open don’t do everything the same!

Blessings in Your Journey

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