Stress is what we are all feeling. This virus has gone on so long, we are all itching to get out in the world and move on. We are missing our old ways, the new ways are not fun and I think all of us are feeling really done.

But part of the stress is we are not in control, of if and where we want to come and go. We need to take a BIG Breathe or 2. Know this wont be forever and try to…Chill Out..get out in the weather. Think of other things you like to do, make the positive most of this situation…. You Can, but it is up to you.

Stress Thermometer 1..10 (Acknowledge and Circle Where you are at?)

10- I Can’t Function……Fight, Flight,Freeze Response

9- I Overreact…..Emotions begin running the intellect

8- I Get Defensive…..Use previously learned defenses

7-I Space Out….Can’t integrate feelings or emotions or learn new behaviors or information

6- I’m Productive with Effort

5- I’m Productive with No Effort

4-I’m Focused and Active

Stress Quotes - lovequotesmessages

3- I’m Relaxed & Not Focused

2- I’m Very Relaxed & Not Focused

1-I’m Deeply Relaxed & Nearly Asleep

Stress Signals (Identify and circle your stressors)

Changes in eating, changes in sleeping, reckless driving, substance abuse, making mistakes, irritability.

Eye strain, tight muscles, headaches, clumsiness, indigestion, constipation.

Depression, Anger, bitterness, apathy, withdrawing, lost sense of humor.

Disorientation, confusion,forgetfulness, trapped in details, self critical, excessive worry about the future

Coping Methods (Circle ones that can help with your stress)

Learn relaxation, Use mental imagery, Adequate rest, Proper diet, Regular exercise, Develop hobbies or new sports, Balance between work and play, Pace yourself, Realize your limits, Learn flexibility, Accept imperfections, Talk about your troubles to people you can trust, Develop a positive attitude, Accept what you cannot change, Avoid loneliness, Avoid self pity, Learn to compromise, Share decision making, Take a hot bath and relax, Take a walk, Read books, Have a place to retreat to be alone, Use humor.

Blessings in Your Journey

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