There Will Be a Positive Future Ahead

This story I want to share of the “Wise Blind Men and the Elephant”. Reminds me of the differences being made in each of our lives from the effects of Covid-19. We are all struggling to make sense of what it is and how to handle our behaviors and responses in this changing world that is affecting each of us differently.


Once upon a time there were six wise men who lived together in a small town. The six wise men were blind. One day an elephant was brought to the town the six men wanted to see the elephant but how could they? “I know,” said the first man. “we will feel him”. So the six men went to feel the elephant.

The first man touched the elephants big flat ear. He felt it move slowly back and forth. “The elephant is like a fan ” the first man cried. The second man felt the elephants legs. “He is like a tree, ” he cried”. You’re both wrong,”said the third man. “The elephant is like a rope.” as this man was feeling the elephants tail. Just then the fourth man pricked his hand on the elephants sharp tusk. “The elephant is like a spear,” he cried. No, no,”cried the fifth man”, “He is like a high wall.” as he felt the elephants side. The sixth man was holding the elephants trunk. “you are all wrong,”he said. “The elephant is like snake…No,no they all argued a snake, a wall, the six blind men shouted at each other for an hour. And never agreed on what an elephant was like. Each man could only see what his own mind was experiencing.

How each one of us might see and respond to the Covid-19 might not be the same. Different responses than our families,friends,coworkers and neighbors. As every one is feeling things differently in their world. It makes the Pandemic a different experience from person to person as well as a different outcome to each individuals life.

Desires from family to family of safety issues from wearing masks, using disinfectants, distancing and seclusion differ. And accommodating the fears and peace of mind of family and friends also becomes an element of the Covid-19. Our futures are still evolving from one day to the next day, sometimes not being known.


The future, however, has not happened yet.

And so it makes no sense to be negative about it.

The futures is full of limitless possibilities.

What you do with your own future is still under your own control.

Your future is not determined by your past. It is determined by you, and by the actions you take from this point on!

At times we cant control the Future. But we can control our attitudes, choices and decisions that lead us to our up coming Future. Blessings in Your Journey

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