A World Turned Upside Down By Covid-19

You Know… We can think we are pretty tough… we can think we are really rough!

But with the Coronavirus all around. We soon find out what we are about inside and out. How do we handle our stress? Do we become very distressed, become angry and sad or maybe mad? Maybe act our very bad!

Are we the ones caring for sick ones around. Giving a helping hand to all in town. Have empathy and care for those struggling with less than us. A shoulder to cry on can sometimes be a big plus. A pat on the back wipe away a tear or two. A smile that tells them… I get it I am here for you. We can make it through this situation. Oh yes… you have it inside of you.

Bright days ahead, maybe not the same as in the past. But good things await us… hang in there to the very last. We all can get through this lets try to be positive and kind, and help those out having a rougher time.

We say who we are by the things we do or don’t. Don’t regret your behavior towards other folks. Be a light and a love to all that you see, you can give others hope and help them believe. A brighter future lies just ahead for you and me… you will see….

Blessings in Your Journey

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