TNT “Tough N’ Tender”


When we hear TNT we usually think of …”a high explosive made up of atoms” but for me it makes me think of “Tough N’ Tender.” A combination and balance of two personal attributes needed to survive and thrive through out life.

Definition of Tough: Strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or careless handling, durable, resilient, solid and long-lasting.

Definition of Tender: Showing gentleness, concern, sympathy, caring, kind, soft hearted, compassionate and warmth.

Life can knock us around and without some of these attributes we can feel overwhelmed and helpless to the struggles that we face.

We can sometimes find it difficult to be tender and express or show gentleness and compassion for others especially when dealing with our own issues.

*There needs to be a balancing act between tough and yet also tender at the same time.*

I practice these by taking a weekly evaluation of my world, looking at the positives and the negatives.  What changes or adjustments need to be made to have the kind of life I choose to live.

Take a look at your life check out your balance of TNT “Tough N’ Tender” does there need to be any adjusting for you to achieve your pure happiness?

Blessings in Your Journey


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