Coming Out of the Fog

fogMany of my students comment that as their lives improved and become healthier either from recovering from depression, illness or extreme stress, it was as if their minds began to clear and as if they had been living in a fog.

This feeling of fogginess is as if you are just functioning and going through the motions. Daily activities become emotionless, not really engaged or present in the moment. I believe part of the fog is for our own self-preservation to help us deal with a difficult situation also known as Dissociation Meaning. It is a coping skill to help manage feelings that can be overwhelming and to give us protection from feeling or seeing things clearly.

As you make positive changes in your lives and start to become healthier you will be more clear and aware of how severe the situation was and the effects it has had in your world.  You might at first feel it is too overwhelming to face and find yourselves slipping back into the fog to better manage and cope.

Self-Care is the most important coping skill in this situation and it begins by asking yourself some serious questions:

  • Do I need to change this situation I am in?
  • Do I need to get assistance to help me make the change?
  • Am I getting enough sleep?
  • Am I eating a healthy diet?
  • Am I getting consistent exercise to help cope emotionally and release endorphins?

Fog3Coming out of the fog can be a slow and sometimes painful process, but with time can be very liberating.

Stay strong through your process! Acknowledge your positives and realize as you move forward in your world you will feel Self Empowered to become healthier and happier.

Blessings in Your Journey

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