Go Ahead…Have a Good Cry

tears Doctors say crying heals us physiologically, psychologically and spiritually. Tears are our bodies release valve for stress, sadness, grief, anxiety and frustration. There are also tears of joy and tears of relief. Crying can be a cleansing of pent-up emotions and can help us to stay healthy and release our stresses.

Confronting our emotions requires strength and vulnerability. Being vulnerable helps us connect with ourselves as well as growing closer to others.

Tear quote1

Tears contain antibodies and stress hormones that have healing powers. Tears also stimulate endorphins which are our bodies natural pain-killer and “feel-good” hormones. After crying our breathing and heart rate decrease and we become calmer biologically and emotionally.

Go Ahead Have a Good Cry – Be willing to let your tears flow, your nose to run, your eyes to swell and to create a pounding headache. It takes strength and self-awareness to cry. Tears can help us process our life losses so we can continue living with an open heart. Be courageous and vulnerable in healing the difficult emotions you face in your world with the healing powers of tears.  Blessings in Your Journey

tear quote

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