Give Up Or Endure To The End?

frogs in bucket of cream I believe there are two major choices we can make in life, “Give up or Endure to the end?” One of the stories I like to share in my groups is about two frogs hopping along the farm-yard.  They see a shiny bucket and hop over to see what’s inside. As they peek over the edge of the bucket they see a creamy white mixture and decide to take a little lick to see how it tastes. It was so sweet that lick after lick they soon found themselves inside the shiny bucket, sucking in as much of it as they could.

As it started to become dark one of the frogs said, “well I better get going” so he started to climb out of the bucket but slipped back in. He frantically went around the bucket trying several times to get out. He looked at the other frog with fear in his eyes and said, “we are not going to get out of here!” The frog flipped up his legs and bubbled to the bottom of the bucket.

Oh wow! I am not going to do that!  The other frog thought as he went around the bucket several times trying to climb out, only to slip back in. He decided there had to be some way out and continued floating, kicking and sipping the mixture, knowing he would figure a way out eventually.

As the days went by he soon discovered that with every kick a ball was starting to form in the white mixture and became larger and larger. That’s it! I just need to kick long enough for the ball to get big enough so I can hop onto it and out of the bucket. And this is what the frog did.

Can you guess what the creamy white mixture in the bucket is? The answer is cream. When cream is whipped it becomes butter. The frog kicked the cream into butter and was able to hop onto it and out of the bucket. Did the frog know how he was going to get out of the shiny bucket? No. At that time he wasn’t sure what was going to happen but as time passed the solution came.

I like to compare this story to us. As I said in the beginning I believe we have two major choices we can make in life, “Give up or Endure to the end?”

Endure means to survive, continue and persist to the end.

Like the frog we can sometimes feel the situation is useless and impossible. But with time and persistence we can find solutions and receive a positive outcome.

Blessings in Your Journey


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