Best Self: Cream Rises To The Top

creamFor 4 years of my childhood I lived on a 22 acre farm.  The memories of that time in my life are some of my happiest. We had cats, dogs, horses, chickens, goats and a cow.  The purpose of the animals besides enjoyment was food substance.

My brothers were taught to milk the goats every morning and evening. This chore usually turned into a playful “battle of the milk” with it squirted on barn walls, the ground, the person milking next to them and anyone passing by. What little milk that did make it into the bucket was brought into the house where mom would strain, bottle and refrigerate for use.

I would watch the milk cool and separate with the richer part, the cream, rising to the top of the bottle. The cream was then used for whipping cream or whipped into butter.

When I often hear the phrase “Cream rises to the top” I have flashbacks of the farm and the creations mom would make with the delicious fresh goats milk. This experience gave me a clear understanding of the meaning of this saying. To me it is a reminder to be my best self, even if life gets splattered here or there in the process. In the end the best you, your “cream” will rise to the top.  Blessings in Your Journey

Best self

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