Divorce: Magical Moments to Misery

Magical MomentsI always looked forward to the time in my life that I would have that “Magical Moment” of finding my life partner. That time of choosing a mate that I would grow with and spend the rest of my blissful life with. I had the opportunity to date several young men and learned what I did or did not want in a marriage partner.

I went away to college and later that summer met the man of my dreams. It was truly magical. Being only 19 years old and my new partner much older than I at age 25, gave me confidence in our future. He had so much life experience and successes which led me to believe in his readiness to care for a wife and the children I dreamed of.

Six months after meeting we set a wedding date for that anticipated “Magical Moment” of matrimony. For many years the Magic continued even though we had some trials and tribulations. He was my best friend while we raised 4 children and advanced in our education and professional lives.

Around the 15 year mark of marriage the Magical Moments became few and far in between. Our friendship faded to cohabitation with little quality time, increased disagreements and resentment. No longer was there Magic only Misery.

Another 10 years passed as our desires and differences became more clear. It was the 25 year mark of our marriage. One of the biggest decisions of my life now had to be made. Answers to my questions were vital. Questions I had asked myself: Is this what my life is to be about? Is this what is best for my children? Is there anyway to turn this relationship towards the positive?

After much deliberation I found myself in a situation I never thought would happen, Divorce. This unexpected journey of Magical Moments to Misery had once again turned around and began creating Magical Moments through strength, peace and a sense of self.

Blessings in Your Journey!

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