Guest Post By Dianna Cornell: “Overcoming Obstacles With Hope!”

Overcome with HopeWe have all come face to face with obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. Over the years I have observed and seen many people going in and out of hospitals. Whether they were in the same room as me, or just down the hall, we had something in common…Hope! Hope that there was something better ahead.

Physical pain is one of my greatest fears. When I was a child, my parents had just found out that my kidneys were failing and my life took a drastic turn and changed forever.

There were many physical and painful experiences that constantly tested my strength. I was forced to face this pain often and at times, it seemed as though I would not survive. When I overcame each event I felt Self-Empowered to go on and face the next challenge.

This self-empowerment has given me strength to persevere as I continue down my path of accomplishments. I thought they were beyond my reach. This has led me to make new goals for myself in 2015 and to know that those too are within my reach.

Who knows what obstacles I will come face to face with in 2015? Self-empowered, I continue to persevere as I cling to hope. I look ahead to keep my eyes on the prize and with that I can overcome any obstacle that may come my way.

Dianna Cornell Author Bio: Dianna Cornell

I am a kidney transplant survivor for over thirty years, now 52 years old. Jesus is my passion. I am with the prayer team at “Hilltop Ministries” as well as the “Women’s Encounter Room” Santa Cruz, CA.

I have had my story written, “Do I Have A Choice” to remember all that God has done, to tell others the good news, that God loves them, and encourage them, that they too can overcome their challenges. I love where it says in the bible that “God breathed life into us” Is that not amazing! He breathed life into you.

Because I was in and out of hospitals from the time I was 9, I grew up fast. I have had over 25 operations. Lost my hearing, was paralyzed from the nose down and had to learn to walk again three times.  I never gave up hope that God would heal me, which he did many times. Through all this suffering I have come to know the Lord in a deeper way. Who I am is a big part of who he is. My life would not be whole without God. It is because of his grace that I am alive today, so the words that I speak and the life that I live is because of Jesus.

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