Which Way Is Your Murphy’s Law Flowing

Murphy's Law There were times in my childhood where I would hear the words “Oh here comes “Murphy’s Law.” As I grew older I came to realize that it meant: “What-ever can happen, will happen” more famously stated as “If anything can go wrong, it will.”

While creating my Life Skills Course, over a decade ago, I began researching the truth behind Murphy’s Law. I had become very aware of how true this statement is through many experiences, positive or negative. Have ever you found yourself saying “Oh please let this go on just a little longer” in efforts to keep the momentum of something good.

Example: A snow ball rolling down the hill, gathering snow, will becoming larger and larger until something stops the motion.

Here are a variety of coping skills when dealing with Murphy’s Law:

Physical activities of any kind walking, running, lifting weights, hiking, dancing, swimming and yoga all release endorphin’s. Endorphin’s help our bodies feel good and our minds rejuvenate.

Music creates and gives peace.

A good movie entertains and relieves our minds of our current struggles.

Jacuzzi or bubble baths soothe the body as well as the soul.

A nap or early to bed gives the needed energy to fight against stress.

Visits with a loved one or valued person can refocus our goals and encourage us to continue moving forward.

When we find Murphy’s law affecting our lives we have the option to stop or change the direction of the snowball energy. If the situation is negative, practice redirecting to a positive course. This will help to create and manage the positive world we desire.

Blessings in Your Journey

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