2015 New Year With “Self Empowered Life Skills”


The New Year is a prime time to evaluate goals, prioritize and start the New Year with a fresh start. A Self Empowered Life Skills Course is a great way to design your New Year’s path.

Why go to a Life Skills course to help with 2015 New Year Goals?

At the beginning of the year you may:

Go to a gym and set physical goals with a personal trainer.

Do financial planning with taxes.

Organize your home for a cleaner atmosphere.

But where do you go to strengthen personal goals with stress coping, family, work, habits or personality traits?

St. George, Utah offers a Life Skills course that will guide you on the path you desire. This is a great way to discover, discuss and learn from a easy going group setting.

Goal Life SkillsDuring the Goal Setting session it is common to hear one say “goals are too restrictive and confining to our worlds!” But goals are a simiple Blue Print for the world we are wanting to create.

A quote I like to share with the groups is,

“If you don’t know where you are going, then how are you going to get there?”

Goal setting is the theme that carries through all 8 topics we discuss in the Life Skills Course:


*Self-esteem      *Happiness      *Success      *Depression      *Anger/Domestic violence

*Sexuality      *Marriage/Divorce      * Alcohol/Drugs

Each of these are discussed so every individual can become more aware of where they are personally in their life journey and more importantly where they want to be heading.

It is okay to select new choices for improvement in your future, just adjust your blue print. This is a healthy evolution to creating the world we desire that can bring happiness, love, joy, and peace.

life skills flyer


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