Tips For Holiday Gathering Bliss

Have you had any of these events from this funny film “Four Christmases”…

Most of us plan and look forward to family and friends gathering for the holiday seasons. This can continue from November to the first of the New Year. These activities and gatherings can be joyful, fun and rewarding. But as we all know it can also be exhausting and stressful, even if the experiences are all positive!

Being raised in a large family I have learned some coping tips for holiday gathering bliss, while still keeping a smile on my face. Here are a few tips I have found work best:

Sleep: As busy as you are make sure that you are getting enough sleep. If not you may find yourself becoming short with others and possibly a little grumpy.

Timeouts: Not everyone can do the holiday as one long marathon. Recognize your limits and if needed remove yourself… sometimes a long potty break can do the trick.

Delegate: Learn to lighten the load by asking those coming to the gathering to bring a food item, plan a game or activity. Everyone likes a pat on the back for their thoughtful addition to the holidays.

Space: If possible spread the families between several homes or even an inexpensive hotel. This gives the group a fresh environment or adds activities to break possible boredom.

Flexibility: Be flexible. With a lot of people there are individual needs, issues, and time changes that will arise. Stay clam and realize your time is not everyone else’s time.

Most of all, pleasantly say your good-byes and thank-you’s for their participation. Be sure to express your excitement for future gatherings.

It all sounds easy, but like anything else it might take a few gatherings to make things flow the way you would like. Remembering that in the end, we are creating memories that can last a life time.


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