Bumped Out Of Line

flexible  Moving over for the next one in line or being bumped out of line, can give all of us challenges. As I currently watch my new born granddaughter become the baby of the family, I see how it has brought changes to the other two girls. Now the older sister almost 7 years and another 4 1/2 years old are having to adjust to being bumped out of line.

Over the 9 months of pregnancy we have spent a lot of time talking about the new baby and how we would need to spend a lot of time caring for her needs. Both of the girls seemed to understand, but there was really no preparation for the new changes.

The oldest daughter has taken the family role of the big sister. She loves to hold the baby every minute she can and has become a good helper for mom. The youngest daughter has had to have more of an adjustment. She loves the baby, kisses the baby and says she is so happy to have a baby sister. But she is realizing that her own personal demands for attention are being put on hold and minimized at times when the new baby needs care.

We realized the real impact of how she was feeling when the other day she said, “I feel invisible!” I thought of how this can apply from one situation to the next with all of us at any age in life. We can feel bumped aside through our family role experiences, or examples such as someone else receiving a promotion at work, or even as simple as the grocery store line. We can, at times, feel like we are not being valued or that our needs are not being met. We then begin to feel we have become invisible to others.

The word I think of is flexibility. We need to be able to bend and sway with the winds of life with out braking, whether we want to or not. The trick is to strive for positive personal forward progression. Sometimes in life we get to be the first in line and sometimes we have to deal and adjust with being bumped out of line.

Blessings in Your Journey

blessed are the flexible

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