Finding Humor In Life’s Stress

Talk laugh  I decided to treat myself to my favorite salon and get my hair cut and styled.  The woman who cuts my hair started to up date me on her current situation since we were together last.  She said she was going through a divorce and it had become a nasty fight between her husband and 5 children.

She was experiencing financial issues that were causing her to go through bankruptcy.  Her daughter was also dealing with a severe medical situation and she was having to fight for assistance. She said she was dealing with so much stress and it was sometimes difficult to cope.

She asked how I was doing and I started to relate my recent medical issues with cancer and my own personal relationship problems that I was going through. After an hour of sharing and caring for each others difficulties, my hair cut just the way I like, we both hugged in support and encouraged each other to stay positive through our struggles.

As I was paying and getting ready to leave the salon I noticed a gentleman waiting for his wife to get her hair cut. He looked at both of us and started laughing. He said he had over heard our conversation and commented,”I don’t know about you but I could use a stiff drink!”

Sometimes we need to talk and be heard. Sometimes it is good to listen and sympathize with anothers struggles. These things are great coping skills but most of all, we need to keep a positive outlook on life as well as a sense of humor knowing that tomorrow is a new day.

Blessings in Your Journey

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