They Changed After Marriage

marriage changes  Relationships are always evolving. I have heard often spouses stating, “They weren’t like that until we got married! Then things changed.”  We get into a relationship or marriage with our own expectations, sometimes unspoken expectations. As life changes we may see jealousy emerge, sudden illness and unexpected increase in family size. It is easy to find ourselves in a situation we did not begin in. When we are not happy with preforming the tasks that we never agreed to we may even make financial choices against our own values.

There can follow a lack of understanding and communication with one another. Communication is one of the major reasons for relationships becoming strained and unhappy. A lack of concern or respect for each other’s frustrations and irritations can make a person feel devalued.

What happens in this delicate situation? What are our options? How do we make a relationship better?


Desire: It all start with a desire to want things to be good in the relationship.

Letting go: We must let go of irritations and possible resentments.

Effort: Make an effort to do what makes each other happy.

Eliminating: Stop what causes one another stress.

It is possible to create a happier and more positive future, if the desire is there. Find comfort in knowing that nothing ever stays the same. Find humor in the little things and life can become brighter.

Blessings in Your Journey!

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