Prickly Relationships

prickly-relationships  Sometimes there are situations in life where relationships become strained or damaged and we have to decide the best way to handle the situation. I have had a situation with a family that lives in my town. Unfortunately, there have been hurt feelings going on between us for several years.

I have thought about how I was going to respond to this family member when I see them next. These prickly relationships can take us by surprise and we may later regret how we responded. Being that we all live in the same community, I was bound to run into them eventually. Well it finally happened, I was walking into a local hospital and there was the whole family standing in the door way visiting with each other.

I had no time to decide how I would respond right then. I was glad I had thought previously about the best way to handle myself and hoped I would act accordingly. I found myself waving and smiling saying “Hi” while walking past them. There was no response from them, which I accepted as a positive response.

I felt empowered! I was so glad I had thought about that in advance and that it came off well. Hopefully we will be able to work towards a more friendly relationship in the future. I will continue to handle the prickly relationships as best as possible.

Blessings in Your Future!

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