Patience Is A Virtue

Patience is a virtue  Patience is a Virtue! This is a wonderful phrase that gives our actions value. I think of this popular phrase often and how it can change our behaviors for the better. In order for it to make an impact we must understand its meaning.

Patience: Dealing with delay or difficult situations without getting angry or upset.

Virtue: Showing high moral standards, what is right and good, through our actions.

When we calmly deal with situations that frustrate us we are creating positive good lives. It is not easy to be patient. It takes thoughtfulness, consideration of others, and sacrifice of self. You must also have hope and belief in the benefit of improving ourselves. That the outcome will then be positive change.

In my Life Skills Course one of the subjects is Anger. It is brought up frequently how difficult it can be to control our frustration and anger. If we understand how we respond to anger, we can then start to work on changing how we react in difficult situations.

Here are 4 different responses to anger:

Aggressive: Acting on anger by directly attacking a person verbally or physically.

Passive: Keeping your anger inside without acting in an outward way.

Passive-Aggressive: Acting on anger to get back at another person in a sneaky or revengeful way.

Assertive: Dealing confidently or forcefully with anger, affirming your rights and the rights of others.

Take a minute and see if you can identify yourself in these Anger Styles. I find it can be revealing to see who we are versus who we want to be. As we work on our anger we can live a more positive life and better understand how Patience is a Virtue!

Blessings in Your Journey!

patience is good

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