Learn The Power Of Saying No!

you_can_do_anything  I was a young mother of 3 children soon to be expecting my 4th. I was busy with a business, going to college, raising a family and church. I found myself feeling very overwhelmed but also feeling that I needed to over-extend in all of these areas. At times I often expected an impossible task of myself. If I fell short of my own personal expectations, I would be discouraged.

I was watching a daily talk show when I heard them discussing a new book that had just come out.  It was called, “It’s O.K. to say NO” by Donald Smith. I was impressed by what he had to say and anxiously bought the book so I could learn more. As I read I became strengthened. I learned more about my desires and was able to stand up for myself.

For the first time I gave myself permission to decide my limits. With this learned concept of “It’s ok to say NO” I was flooded with mixed feelings. Saying “NO” when I had met my limits for the first time was not easy. It made me embarrassed, awkward, and unfortunately came with shame and guilt. As I practiced this new found power and control over the choices in my life, I had over-whelming feelings of relief!

I could finally make a decision and not feel guilty or obligated to say “Yes” just because I was being asked. After a year of using my new freedom of choice to say Yes or No I became less stressed, less resentful and happier with how I was spending my time. I believe we are all responsible to take control of enhancing the quality of our lives. We should have no one else to blame for what we do or don’t with our world.

Blessings in Your Journey!

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