The “Sandwich Generation” Squeeze

sandwich-generation  The  “Sandwich Generation” is 1 of every 8 American’s, age 40 to 60, that is helping their children as well as caring for their elder parents. I am one of them. Sometimes I feel a little squeezed between my parents in their 80’s and my children in their 30’s, that now have their own children.

It can be a juggling trick to cover everyone’s needs in the right ways. Making sure everyone is included and valued is an important aspect of my family role. Each generation has their own expectations of how things should be said and done. Sometimes it is compared to how they use to do things.

The best way to handle your role in the sandwich generation is to treat it like you would a sandwich. Take it one bite at a time, chewing slowly, trying not to make a mess and keeping the crumbs on the plate.  Blessings in Your Journey!

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