Journey Of Life After Cancer

320px-We_Can_Do_It!  Life gave me an unexpected turn several years ago. I came down with a cough that wouldn’t go away. I relied on Ricola cough drops to soothe the irritation. The cough drops were the only thing giving my body relief as well as the couch, who soon became my best friend. I went from doctor to doctor and each time coming back from my appointment with a different diagnosis and no solution.

I was finally referred by my dad to his doctor. He went to work giving a variety of tests, soon discovering the problem was Thyroid Cancer. The doctor arranged for immediate surgery, all went well with the surgery. Now, three years later, I am still Cancer-free.

Through this experience I have learned resilience and the ability to face major life difficulties and rebound. I look forward to my future daily and the possibilities that lie ahead. I am grateful for a Higher Power that comforts, inspires and guides me along my life journey. I take better care of my body, health, relationships and daily activities. It has been a life changing experience making me more conscious of offering something positive back in this challenging but beautiful life.

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