Positive Self Discoveries

self discovery  Have you ever found yourself wondering what is the right way, and the right answers to all of our life situations?  What are some of the helps, ideas and supports that make our world more positive?

These are questions I have asked others, as well as coming up with answers for myself, after years of offering a Life Skills Course in my community.

Some of the subjects we have shared are self-esteem, success, depression, happiness, anger, divorce, alcohol and drugs. These topics seem to be closely connected with one other.

What are some of the changes we can make that will receive the most positive responses in our relationships?  Where do we find answers and education to our questions?  These are subjects that touch all of our lives in one way or another.

Let this blog be a place where you can share suggestions, solutions, skills or questions you have experienced along your life journey of self-discovery.

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