Get Rich Quick In The Outlook Of Life

Get rich in blessings  I was looking over the news headlines and saw that 13,000 new millionaires were created in the US this last year because of the stock market. Well that explains all of the large homes and expensive cars I pass on the road. I started analyzing my life, no big dollars coming from stocks. I drive a modest car and live in a modest home.

Where did I go wrong? I question some of my life decisions and what I thought my life was going to look like. As I reflect on the years of successfully pursued and completed education, the family that I had created and the joy in my life because of them.

I accept that along my life journey I made choices that might not have created financial wealth. However, they did give me self-respect, knowledge, higher level of understanding life’s ups and downs, and the love of the people who mean most to me.

It can be easy to be swept away by the appeals of other individuals good fortunes. Yet when we reflect on positive experiences we can look back at the choices we have made, showing us who we are and what we value most in life.

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