4 ways to Creating Healthy Life Habits

Tree of Life  I heard someone say the other day that we all need is to have a positive sense of self, sounds great! I want that too! But how do I get that? And what exactly does that mean? I broke down the areas of my life into 4 categories to take a closer look: social, physical, mental, and spiritual.

I started with social. I guess I could be a lot more involved in the activities in my area. I would also like to add more fun and adventure to my schedule.

Then I decided physical would be a part of the equation, am I sleeping enough, exercising and how healthy is my diet?

As I moved on to mental health I wondered am I still as sharp as I use to be? Am I continuing to learn and experience?

Spiritual entered my thoughts. Is my life focused in a positive direction? Do I have comfort and belief in a higher power? Am I taking risks? Am I stepping out in life and doing the thing I always said I wanted to do? Going to places I always thought I would go?  If not, what is holding me back? Is it time, obligations, finances, fear, loss of the dream?

I decided to create a wish list. I am going to make a commitment to complete one item on the list by the end of the month. I am going to be actively working towards creating the healthy life style I want, as they say: Life is a step by step process created and designed by the one who lives it.

I look forward to hearing about your own personal discoveries to creating a healthy life style.

2 thoughts on “4 ways to Creating Healthy Life Habits

    • So glad you got something out of the story, best of luck in your personal growth.


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